RPS Studio Products

RPS Umbrellas

RPS Translucent Umbrellas
These are designed as
"shoot through" umbrellas to soften the light.
Excellent for portraiture.

RS-3495        24 inch   $12.00
RS-3496       36 inch  $12.00
RS-3497       40 inch   $19.00

RPS Black Backed Octagon Umbrellas
This new series of umbrellas all have
a black outside. This means more light is
transmitted off the reflector material, and
less through the material. All comes w/storage

RS-3470  24 inch White Inside/Black Outside $15.00
RS-3480  24 inch Silver Inside/Black Outside $19.00
RS- 3490 24 inch  Gold Inside/Black Outside
RS-3471 36 inch White Inside/Black Outside $19.00
RS-3481  36 inch Silver Inside/Black Outside $24.00
RS- 3491 36 inch  Gold Inside/Black Outside
RS-3472  40 inch White Inside/Black Outside $24.00
RS-3482  40 inch Silver Inside/Black Outside $29.00
RS- 3492 40 inch  Gold Inside/Black Outside

TTL Digital Flash Bracket


The Brand New RPS Studio Digital Flash Bracket combines many features desired for flash photography
while incorporating new features that have not been available to the photographer
doing flash photography with a digital SLR.

The first feature is an included electronic shutter release.
This two position release allows the camera to set the exposure and auto focus and fire the shutter.
Prior to this feature being included, the photographer would have to adjust the zoom of the lens
and then reach back to the shutter button on the camera to take the shoot.
 This took a lot of time and could result in the loss of a good shot.
The inclusion of the shutter release means that the lens can be zoomed or if not in auto focus mode,
focused, and the shutter fired at any time without having to move
the hand back to the shutter release button on the camera.

Additionally, the bracket includes a TTL cord.
One does not have to be purchased separately.

A key feature of the bracket is the ability to move the position of the shutter release.
This allows the photographer to hold the bracket with either the left or the right hand.
With most brackets, the photographers is limited to holding the bracket with the left hand.
As a result, he/she must focus and or adjust the zoom lens with the right hand.
Because the shutter release is on the right side of the camera, this is contrary as to how most photographers
would normally hold the camera when they are not using a bracket.
They would usually hold the camera with the right hand, support the camera with the left palm
while adjusting the zoom and focus the lens with the left fingers and then fire the shutter with the right hand.
The new RPS Studio Digital Flash Bracket allows the photographer
to use the bracket in the same manner making flash photographer simpler and more natural.
This means greater speed and less fumbling.

Finally, the bracket has the ability to maintain the flash above the camera
while the camera is rotated from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.

Other features include the ability to raise the flash more than 12 inches
above the camera and of course the bracket has a quick release shoe.

RPS Studio Digital Flash Bracket includes
  • iTTL off camera shoe cord

  • Electronic Shutter Release most 35mm SLR Cameras

  • Flash Bracket with Rotating Camera Platform for Horizontal or Vertical Camera Position

  • Carrying Case

  • Dotline Corp 1-year limited warranty

RS-0420/EOS For Canon Digital SLR's "EOS Series"
(Mini Plug Remote)
Will fit the following
Rebel, XT & XTi
RS-0420/C3 For Canon Digital Slr's "D Series"
(3 Pin Remote)
Will fit the following
5D, 10D, 20D, 30D and Similar Models
RS-0420/N19 For Nikon Digital SLR's "Nikon Series"
(10 Pin Remote)
Will fit the following
D2sX, D2X,  D100, D200 and Similar Models

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