Quik Pod

The world’s first extendable hand held tripod!

...Aim, Hold and Smile!
Be Included in Every Shot

Include yourself quickly and easily in photos and videos.
• Fits perfectly in your backpack, camera case, or purse.
• Attaches easily to lightweight cameras and camcorders.
• Take self portraits without the help of strangers.
• Shoot over crowds and in hard to reach places.
• Capture a moment when you don’t want anyone else there.
• Gives you the extendable reach when you need it.
• Use your Quik Pod underwater with a waterproof camera.
• Use for photo/video blogs.
• No support surface needed.
• Comes with a hiking clip, wrist strap, pocket clip and
woven carry bag.

How to use your Quik Pod Handheld Tripod
1. Attach Camera to Screw Base
2. Activate Timer and Extend Rod
3. Aim, Hold and Smile!!

The Quik Pod can hold all types of lightweight cameras and camcorders with a tripod threads.
Use the included adapter legs to convert the Quik Pod into the world’s smallest
and lightest tabletop tripod that extends to eye level,
or just use the adapter legs alone to have a pocket sized mini tripod.
 The Quik Pod is made of an extremely light composite material, which makes it easy to operate.
The Quik Pod is waterproof for under water use, and passes through airport security.
You won’t have to worry about being too intrusive to others around you,
the Quik Pod gives you just the right extended reach.
 The Quik Pod allows you to shoot above crowds and parades so you can get that clear shot.
The Quik Pod also includes a small curved mirror showing you when you’re in the picture!


Maximum Height

18.5" (47 cm)
Folded Length 7.5" (19 cm

Load Capacity

10.5 oz (300 g)

Male Thread Size



3.5 oz (100 g)


• Vacations • Sightseeing • Honeymoons
• Camping Trips • Birthdays • Weddings
• Parties • Hikes • Parades
BQP001 QuikPod Pro+
Includes the following
Quik Pod, Carry Bag, Hiking Clip, Pocket Clip and Wrist Strap and Adapter Legs
Sale Price

For more Quik Pod information -- visit them at  Quikpod

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