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Digital Remote Release for Digital Cameras

These new remote releases allow the camera to be released from a distance.
All electronic, just plug-in and use.
36 Inches Long (3 Feet Long)
Has a momentary release, as well as a locking position for time releases.
For the specific cameras listed below


DL-1489 For Canon EOS, and Rebel XT/XTi $17.95
DL-1482 For Canon 5D, 10D and 20D $29.95
DL-1484 For Nikon D70 / D70s $24.95
DL-1486 For Nikon D200, and D2X $29.95
In Stock

Film Shields

What Is New FilmShield XPF?
FilmShield protects film up to ISO 3200  against X-Rays in conventional scanners found in most airports.
However, the new CTX-5000 series security scanners recently installed at airports
worldwide are much stronger, and require more protection.
FilmShield XPF is a new generation of travel gear that guards unprocessed
 slide, print and motion picture film against x-ray
damage emitted from these new high dosage scanners, as well as the old scanners.

XPF= X-Ray Protection Factor.

  • Hold 3-5 Rolls of Film
    or 1 point an shoot camera
  • 4.625" x 7.5"
    (11.8cm x 19cm)


In Stock
  • Holds 21 rolls of film
    or 1 point and shoot camera
    and 15 rolls of film
  • 6" x 3.25" x 8.75"
    (15.2cm x 8.2cm x 22.2cm)


In Stock


These units are a translucent plastic dome which fits
directly onto the front of the individual flash units.
No adjustments are required for automatic flash units
except to shorten the maximum flash distance for the flash.
These units reduce the maximum distance by a factor of 2.5.

B Omni-bounce Type B
Fits the following Flash Units
Vivitar 283, 285, 3700, 4600 & 5600
Canon 420ez & 430ez
In Stock
C Omni-bounce Type C
Fits the following Flash Units
Canon 380EX
Nikon SB 24, SB 25, & SB 26
Metz 40Mz2
Minolta 5200i, 5400x, & HS
In Stock
EY Omni-Bounce Type EZ
Fits Canon 580EX
In Stock
EZ Omni-Bounce Type EZ
Fits Canon 540EZ and 550EX
In Stock
F Omni-bounce Type F
Fit Canon 430
In Stock
SB-5 Omni-bounce Type SB-5
Fits Nikon SB50DX & SB800
In Stock
SB-16 Omni-bounce Type SB-16
Fits Nikon SB/16 A & B Flash Units
In Stock
UNI Omni-bounce Type UNI
Universal for most flash units
In Stock

RPS Octagonal Umbrellas

This new series of umbrellas all have a black outside.
This means more light is transmitted off the
reflector material, and less through the material.
All come with a plastic storage bag.

White Translucent Octagonal Umbrellas
RS-3495 24" $9.95
RS-3496 36" $13.95
RS-3497 40" $16.95
White Inside / Black Outside Octagonal Umbrellas
RS-3470 24" $12.95
In Stock
RS-3471 36" $16.95
RS-3472 40" $21.95
Silver Inside / Black Outside Octagonal Umbrellas
RS-3480 24" $16.95
RS-3481 36" $21.95
RS-3482 40" $26.95
Gold Inside / Black Outside Octagonal Umbrellas
RS-3490 24" $16.95
RS-3491 36" $21.95
RS-3492 40" $26.95

White Balance Disk

These lens caps are great for digital cameras.
Just point at a subject area and the light is diffused to create an average white balance for a particular scene.
(Check camera manufacturer's manual for setting white balance.)
Slips on to the front of any lens, or a lens with a protective filter.
If your lens has bayonet threads on the outside, simply use the adapter provided.
Handy loop to connect to a camera strap or strap lug so you don't lose the cap.
Sizes available 52mm through 77mm.

DL-2552 52mm White Balance Disk $9.00
DL-2558 58mm White Balance Disk $10.00
DL-2562 62mm White Balance Disk $11.00
DL-2567 67mm White Balance Disk $12.00
DL-2572 72mm White Balance Disk $13.00
DL-2577 77mm White Balance Disk $14.00

Miscellaneous Equipment

CP Cap Keeper 
Permanent adhesive button attaches to lens cap.
Other end attaches to lens barrel.

In Stock
LT-LP7 Deluxe Film Retriever
Extracts film leader that has been fully rewound into a film cassette. Will not damage film or leak light. Very easy to use, fast and reliable operation. Professional Quality
In Stock

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