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BRNO BALens Cap – Simple White Balance Control
The baLens consisits of a snap-on lens cap with a removable translucent dome in the center.
By simply putting the cap on your lens, pointing the camera at the light source
and doing a manual white balance, superior colour correction is easily achieved –
easier and more accurate then the camera's auto white balance setting.

Simple. Smart. Functional. Change the way your camera sees colour.
Go from orange, blue and green-tinted photos to beautifully captured colour
by setting a custom white balance with the BALens Cap.
Achieve a look that's not always possible with in-camera automatic
white balance or in-camera white balance pre-sets.
Just squeeze both side tabs of the BALens Cap for easy placement or removal,
even with a lens hood in place. Its center pinch-release mechanism and
streamlined design helps prevent the BALens Cap from accidently bumping off,
either when traveling or shooting in a crowd.

The patent-pending BALens White Balance Lens Cap system comes with interchangeable
neutral and warm filters. So no matter how challenging the lighting, with a BALens Cap
you can get better colours right out of the bag.

Simple to use:
With the BALens Lens Cap mounted to the lens, take a reference exposure
of the light falling on your intended subject with the camera set in - manual focus/auto exposure mode.
The BALens Lens Cap will allow the setting of a custom white balance based
on the actual colour temperature of the light source or sources.

Under the camera’s menu functions, locate the custom white balance setting and apply the reading.

Warm filter effect is for use when you wish to achieve warmer skin tones,
ie: for portraits, or overall “warmer” colours in photos.

BRNO implements very strict quality controls. 
For example, once the formula for the center filter pieces are mixed,
a pre production sample is taken and measured against
a control sample on a photospectrometer and densitometer. 
Once this is approved, then samples are taken from
production pieces during various times during output and retested. 
While it is impossible to have 100% accuracy with any product,
the accuracy range is much better than the built in range
of a a manually set white balance temperature using Kelvin and actual output.  


Prices Range from $45 - 55 Dollars
Available in 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, and 77mm sizes.
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