Hadley 07 Series
Building on the success of our PressTop bags, the 07 Series represents an evolution of the design. Whilst at first glance they may look similar to their predecessors, this new range is far from being a cosmetic make-over. The changes we’ve made are the product of solid, practical trials and feedback from users
and reflect the attention to detail that make Billingham bags the choice of serious photographers the world over.

By virtue of their design and the materials used, Billingham bags have a very fluid nature and will accommodate a wide variety of photographic equipment. However, as a guide to the comparative sizes of the individual models in the 07 Series we have included approximate dimensions here which are based on the original patterns used in the manufacture of the bags.

Having a bag that’s too small or too large can cause real problems with delicate and expensive equipment. It’s for that reason, we produce the 07 Series in 3 sizes: 107, 207 & 307, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. They all offer identical features only the capacity varies.

All of the models in the 07 Series feature a two-piece lid design with a central, double-layered, waterproof seam. This creates a more contoured design which wraps over the ends of the bag to provide even greater protection against the elements. One of the few purely cosmetic changes we’ve made is the choice of Chocolate rather than our traditional Tan leather on the Khaki versions. Having made prototypes in both colours, we thought the darker colour added something to the overall look.Each of the 07 Series bags comes with an SP50 shoulder pad as standard together with our flexible SuperFlex partitioning system - your first line of defence in equipment protection.

Take a look around the 07 Series. This 360 ° view of the 207 reveals something of the design skill and manufacturing expertise inherent in all Billingham products.

Part of the reason for our success, we believe, lies in our passionate approach to photography, and our search for perfection. We’re always investigating and experimenting with new production methods and materials. If there’s a better way of doing something we’ll find it and incorporate it in our range, whether it’s a small detail or an entirely new product. Equally important to us is the feedback we get back from Billingham users. Together with our own development work it is crucial in driving the innovation that gives us our edge.

The top grain leather tabs feature the Billingham Quick Release System where cut-outs in the straps engage with the solid brass ClogBalls to provide fast opening with positive and secure closure. We’ve also replaced the tapering tab ends with a much broader design to provide a better grip especially handy when working in difficult conditions. The main leather strapping with its buckles and studs is sewn into the FibreNyte for good weight distribution and to prevent any localised stress points. In addition, the inverted Y’ shaped Delta Sling of the shoulder sling’s fixing points prevents tipping and rolling motion as you move even when the bag is fully loaded.
Also integrated into the main leather strapping are four sets of discrete ‘D’ holes two sets on front and back. These provide strong mounting points through which our tripod straps can be threaded, plus they can act as lower mounting points for the attachment of our optional 5-point Back Pack Harness.

The full-width rear zippered pocket is protected from the weather by an extension of the main rain flap, which has the twin benefits of being functional whilst maintaining the bag’s clean lines. Incidentally, all zip pullers now carry the Billingham logo and have been lengthened for ease of operation

A key factor that made the PressTop bags so successful was the easy access it provided to equipment. Accordingly, we’ve refined the design still further with the 07 Series, so that it’s now even better. Once the double puller zip is fully opened, two integral carbon fibre ‘wands’ create a wide rectangular frame which holds the bag open, maintaining the shape whilst keeping the zip teeth out of the way.

The main grab handles no longer need to be released from the embossed leather grip to open the bag. Simply unclip the tabs from the studs. As an added feature, even with the main flap open, the two leather internal
grab handles allow the user to carry the bag securely. The front grab handle can also be removed entirely if required.

The 07 Series is available in a choice of 2 colours, Khaki with Chocolate leather or Black with Black leather. The material we use is our own FibreNyte canvas, a 21st century synthetic alternative for traditional canvas which allows us to make our bags tougher and lighter. Strong and lightweight, it retains the look of traditional canvas, whilst providing much improved abrasion resistance and suppleness.

In addition, its waterproofing performance is greatly enhanced because it is bonded to a polyester lining using Billingham StormBlock butyl rubber.

Our label, your security The 07 Series sees the introduction of our new security labels, which are as you might expect as innovative as our bags. The label incorporates a micro laser engraved Mylar ® security strip which is your proof that the bag is a genuine Billingham.

In addition, a unique barcode also tells us everything we need to know about your bag from the history of every single component that went into it, to the names of the craftsman who made it so that we can audit our components and production techniques to ensure you enjoy the best in quality and durability.

Each '07 bag will accept the Delta Pocket additional accessory.

As with all Billingham Products – Hand Crafted in the United Kingdom



107 Price:$365.00
107 Bag Dimensions (in)

Height 10 Width 11 Depth 7
In Stock

207 Price: $385.00
207 Bag Dimensions (in)
Height 10 Width 12.5 Depth 7

In Stock

307 Price: $415.00
307 Bag Dimensions (in)
Height 10 Width 14.2 Depth 7

307L Khaki/Chocolate In Stock Price $485.00


Pictured is the Khaki/Chocolate 107 Billingham Bag

Pictured is the Khaki/Chocolate 207 Billingham Bag

Pictured is the Black/Black 307 Billingham Bag


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