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DI Digitally Integrated Design
Di-II Lenses for Digital SLR Cameras
New Auto Focus Lenses For Nikon, Canon, Pentax and Minolta.
All prices listed are before any rebates that may apply.
Auto Focus Lens
AF 19-35mm F3.5-4.5 Lens.   In Stock $239.00
AF 28-70mm F3.5-4.5 (Nikon Only) (discontinued) In Stock $119.00
AF 80-210mm F4.5-5.6 Lens In Stock $119.00
Auto Focus DI II LD Lens
SP AF 10-24mm F3.5-4.5 DI II LD Aspherical IF Lens   $499.00
SP AF 11-18mm F4.5-5.6 Di II LD Aspherical In Stock $569.00
SP AF 17-50mm F2.8 XR DI II LD Aspherical IF Lens                 In Stock $475.00
AF 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 XR DI II LD Aspherical IF Macro Lens  In stock $199.00
AF 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 XR DI II LD Aspherical IF Macro Lens
AF 18-270mm F3.5-6.3 DI II LD Aspherical IF Macro Lens         In Stock $459.00
AF 55-200mm F4.5-6 DI II LD Macro  Lens                                  In stock $199.00
Auto Focus DI LD Lens
SP AF 28-75mm F2.8 XR DI LD Aspherical (IF) Macro Lens      In Stock $499.00
AF 28-200mm F3.8-5.6 XR DI  Aspherical (IF) Macro                                      $285.00
AF 28-300mm Di VC LD Aspherical IF Macro Lens                       In Stock $629.00
AF 28-300mm F3.5-6.3 XR DI LD Aspherical (IF) Macro              In Stock $410.00
SP AF70-200mm F2.8 Di LD IF Macro Lens                                    In Stock $769.00
AF 70-300mm F4-5.6 DI LD  Lens                                                    In Stock $189.00
SP AF 200-500mm F5-6.3 DI LD (IF) Lens  $945.00
SP AF 14mm F2.8 Aspherical ( IF ) Lens                                           $999.95
SP AF 90mm F2.8 DI 1:1 Macro                                                        In Stock $489.00
SP AF 180mm F3.5 AF DI LD (IF) Lens, 1:1 Macro                        In Stock $739.00
Auto Focus LD Lens
SP AF 70-210mm F2.8 LD Lens (Nikon Only) On Sale Each        In Stock $699.00
AF 70-300mm F4-5.6 LD Lens In Stock $189.00
AF 75-300mm F4-5.6 LD Lens $164.00
AF 200-400mm F5.6 LD (IF) Lens  Canon Mount  In Stock $569.00
Aspherical (IF) Lens
AF 28-80mm F3.5-5.6 Aspherical Lens In Stock $79.00
SP 28-105mm F2.8 LD Aspherical (IF) Lens    $829.00
AF 28-200mm F3.8-5.6 LD Aspherical (IF) Super Lens (Black) $289.00
SP AF 14mm F2.8 AF Aspherical (IF) Lens In Stock $1,099.00
Twin Lens Kit 2
AF 28-80 / AF 55-200 Di II
Twin Lens Kit 3
AF 28-80 / AF 70-300 Di
XR Super Zoom Lens 
AF 18-200mm F3.5-5.6 XR Di II LD Aspherical (IF) Macro In Stock $399.00
AF 28-200mm F3.8-5.6XR DI Aspherical IF Macro Lens $299.00
AF 28-200mm F3.8-5.6 XR Super Zoom Lens  In Stock $289.00
AF 28-300mm F3.5-6.3 XR DI Super Zoom Lens In Stock $399.00
Macro Lens
SP AF 90mm F2.8 Macro 1:1 Lens                                                  In Stock $489.00
AF 1.4X Teleconverter Lens $129.00
AF 2X Teleconverter Lens $159.00
AF SP 1.4X Pro Teleconverter $189.00
AF SP 2X Pro Teleconverter $219.00
New Adaptall Lenses (Manual Lenses)
Prices do not include lens mount.
28-200mm F3.8-5.6 LD Aspherical (IF) Super Lens In Stock $295.00
24mm F2.5 Lens                                                                                 In Stock $169.00
Adaptall Mounts For Nikon w/Prong,  ( While Supplies Last ) Each $48.00
Adaptall Mounts For Canon, Contax-MM, Konica-AR, Minolta-MD,  Olympus-OM,  Rollei/Voigtlander  ( While Supplies Last ) Each $25.00


Fotovix IIX-S for 6x6, New $590.00

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