Sekonic Light Meters
Dual Master with Wireless Built-in

Programmable for Exposure Perfection
  • Exposure Profiling
    Programmable to respond to light exactly like your digital camera or type of film
  • Four Meters In One
    Independent programming of Flash, Ambient, Incident and Reflected measuring modes customized to your digital camera or type of film
  • Pre-Exposure Warning
    Displays and alerts when a measured value exceeds your digital camera’s (or type of film) dynamic range
  • Super Sensitive Flash Metering
    Measures light beyond the limits of any camera (reflected flash measurements as low as f-2.0 (ISO 100)
  • 1 Spot with Digital Display
    Rectangular 1 spot viewfinder with vivid display
  • Wireless Selective Quad-Triggering
    Wireless triggering and measuring of flash up to 100 ft. away (PocketWizard compatible)
  • Selective Quad-Triggering Control
    Select which flash or camera triggers
    with direct function keys
  • Analyzing Function
    Simultaneous reading of flash and ambient light is
    analyzed and displayed

Digital Master

New Key Features
  • Extended Sensitivity range:
    Foot Candles: 0.10 to 180,000
    Foot Lambert: 0.07 to 190,000
  • Extended Analog Scale: f/0.5 to f/64
  • Independent or combined memorized measurements for both Incident and Reflected Spot
  • Memory Clear Modes:
    All Clear, Selective Clear or Last Measures Value Clear
  • Selectable Auto Power Off Setting
  • Exposure Profiling for digital still cameras
  • 17 Custom Function Settings

401-500 Pro-Digi Color C-500   $1,216.00
401-501 Pro-Digi Color C-500R with Transmitter   $1,338.00
Flash Meter

User friendly affordable meter
with advanced features and optional wireless triggering.
  • Analyzing Function
    Simultaneous reading of flash and ambient light analyzed.
  • Optional Plug-in Radio Transmitter Module
    Simultaneously trigger your flash and measure the exposure.
    Wirelessly -- compatible with all PocketWizards.
  • Selectable Full, 1/2 or 1/3 Stop Settings
  • Retractable-Removable-Rotating Lumisphere
  • Optional 1, 5 and 10 Spot Attachments

On Sale $289.00
Studio Deluxe
Classic analog self-powered
incident/reflected meter with swivel head.
  • The Industry Standard for Incident Light Measurement
  • Swivel Head and Needle Lock Facilitate Easy and Accurate Reading
  • Amorphous Silicon Photocell Eliminates Need for Batteries
  • Lumidisc for Adjusting Illumination Contrast and Measuring Intensity
  • Lumigrid for Measuring Reflected Light
  • Memory Pointer Retains Prior Reading

L-346 Illuminator     $257.00
Flash Mate
Small and lightweight meter for
accurate flash and ambient measurements
  • Built-in Sliding Lumisphere
    For quick selection of incident or reflected light measurements.
  • Cord or Cordless Flash Measuring
  • Large LCD Panel
    Provides large, clear display of all exposure data and settings.
  • Single Mode Selection Button
    For quick flash or ambient mode setting.
  • Selectable Full, 1/2 or 1/3 Stop Settings
  • Cine Mode
    8 fps to 128 fps.
  • Repeat Accuracy of +/- 0.1 EV

On Sale $225.00
Twin Mate
with Case
Compact and lightweight analog
incident/reflected shoe mount meter.
  • Built-in Sliding Lumisphere
    For quick selection of Reflected or Incident light measurements.
  • Shutter Speed/Aperture Selection
    30 sec to 1/8000 sec -- f/1.4 to f/32
  • 33 Angle Reflected Measurement
  • 15 Second “Hold and Read” Mode
    Match needle stays in place, no need to hold measure buttons
  • Accessory Shoe Mount Included
    Attach the meter to the accessory flash shoe of many cameras.
  • Lightweight and Compact
    Only 1.4 ounces, fits perfectly in a shirt pocket.


Accessories for
Sekonic Light Meters

401-361 - NP Finder 1 Degree for L-358 Meter $295.00
401-362 - NP Finder 5 Degree for L-358 Meter $169.00
401-363 - NP Finder 10 Degree for L-358 Meter $169.00
401-855 - Case for L-358 Meter with Spot Finder $20.00
401-624 - Lens Hood for L-608, L-608C, L-558, L-588C & L-588R $39.00
401-513 - Microscopic Attachment for L-608, L608C, L508, L-508C & L-358 $38.00
401-514 - 35mm Film Plane Attachment for L-608, L608C, L508, L-508C & L-358 $54.00
401-515 - Mini Light Reception Unit for L-608, L608C, L508, L-508C & L-358 $149.00
401-806 - Long Case for Meter with Spot Attachment (L-328 & 318B) $36.00

Wireless Remote Accessories for
Sekonic Light Meters

401-621 - Transmitter Module $109.00
801-125 - Pocket Wizard Plus II Transceiver $205.00
802-450 - Pocket Wizard MultiMax Transceiver $295.00
401-515 - Mini Light Reception Unit $149.00

Other Misc. Meters

Minolta Flash Meter V New $395.00
**Blowout Items Sekonic Meters**
L-164B Marine Meter II with Box, Mint- $175.00
**Blowout Items Sekonic Accessories**
Pinpoint with Dial for Sekonic System Meter L-428 with Case Like New $15.00
Soft Case for L-318 and L-328 New $10.00
Battery Compartment Door for L-408 New $15.00
Battery Compartment Door for L-328 New $15.00
**Blowout Lumi...**
Sekonic LUMI-Disc For L-308BII, L-308B and L-308
Brand New with Case
Each $1.00

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