Radio Slaves / Free Wires
Model Description Price
Radio Slave 4i Remote.
Unit includes shoe/tripod mount adapter,
pole mount adapter, velcro, and instruction manual
Batteries not included.
Specify Frequency A, B, C, D. 
Radio Slave 4i Sender.
Unit includes sync cord, belt clip,
dead shoe with screw (for bracket mounting),
velcro, and mounting plate
Batteries not included.
Specify Frequency A, B, C, D. 
FreeXwire Digital FW 10w Transceiver. Becomes Transmitter or Receiver.
Not combatable with Radio sets. 
FreeXwire Set  Includes 2 Free Wire Transceivers $488.00
Extra 9T FreeXwire Transceiver works as  Transmitter $239.00
Quantum Batteries
QB1c Compact Battery   6 volt NiMH cell rechargeable power pack w/115 VAC charger. QB1c has 2 outputs, one for Bantam "X" modules & one for QB1+ "M" modules. This battery is designed to go under your camera, held on by tripod socket. $75.00
Battery 1+ 6 volt lead cell rechargeable power pack w/115 VAC charger. (flash modules not included) $114.00
Quantum Q-Flash Digital
T2D, T5d-R, X2D & X4d QFLASH
Compatibility Chart
Model Description Price
D10W Olympus E-1, E-300 $129.00
D12W Demo $49.00
D12WR Demo $69.00
D12WR Nikon
N90s, F100, F5, D1, D1H, D1X, D100, D2H, D70, D2X; Fuji S2, S3; Kodak SLR/n
D13WR Canon
EOS1, EOS3, D30 D60, 10D, 20D, 1D, Mark II, 1Ds, Rebel 300D
D19W Hasselblad H1, H1D, H2, H2D $129.00
D24 Contax 645 $129.00
D25 Mamiya 645AF, 645AFD $129.00
FW89 Set FreeXWire Digital Set
Include the FW9T Transmitter and FW8R Receiver
434 SYnc Cord. mounting kit, instruction manual & batteries
FW10W FreeXWire Digital Tranceiver
Becomes Transmitter or receiver. TTL wireless function.
Includes sync cord, mounting kit, batteries and instruction manual
FW11 Uni-Mod universal connector module with hot shoe and female household connector use with standard household to PC Sync Cord $60.00
FW8R FreeXWire 8R Receiver
unit includes: pole mount adapter, velcro,
instruction manual, & batteries.
FW9T FreeXWire 9T Transmitter
unit includes: 434 Sync Cord, velcro,
instruction manual, & batteries.
FW7Q FreeXWire 7Q Qflash 5d/4d Receiver
unit includes: instructions, batteries not needed  & velcro pad.
FW12 Hot Shoe Adapter Accessory
unit includes: instructions

The full Quantum line is available from Koh's Camera.

For more Quantum information visit them at Quantum Instruments

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