Custom Brackets

Medium Format

With a handle and stands upright -
Extended version for hot shoe infared modules

Required items
Medium Format camera mounting plate
Medium Format flash mounting plate
QR  Tripod quick release for mounting bracket to tripod

Optional Items
Accessories, Battery Holders


In Stock

Studio version, rotation system only

Required items
Medium Format camera mounting plate
QR  Tripod quick release for mounting bracket to tripod

Optional Items
Battery Holders


In Stock



With a handle, stands upright, and non-rotating

Required items
Medium Format camera mounting plate
Medium Format flash mounting plate
QR  Tripod quick release for mounting bracket to tripod

Optional Items
Accessories, Battery Holders


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35mm Format / Digital

The ABOVE Two Brackets now use a roller bearing rotation making them completely
maintenance free. Also, a new added feature is a third leg which swivels for perfect balance
when standing the bracket on a flat surface with any camera-lens-flash combination. These brackets still use an adjustable handle, upright ready for accessories and flash height adjustment.
Rotation and Bracket System, Photojournalist

Required Items
Digital/35mm Film camera mounting plate
Tripod quick release for mounting bracket to tripod


In Stock

CB Folding-S Bracket Just Release   $70.00
CB Folding-T Bracket Just Release In Stock $75.00

Camera Mounting Plates

CM-P *Brand New*
A reversible camera plate that works
with all cameras, with or without a vertical grip.
Now with true camera anti-twist features.

Please be advised:
If you are buying this camera plate
for use with a camera with a vertical grip on a
your bracket may not stand correctly.

You will not need to worry about this if you have a
PRO Series bracket or a QRS-E2 or QRS-H2

$49.00 In Stock


Bronica - ETR, ETRSi, Squares

(QS - 6x6 format only)
QRS, QRS-AF, QRS-EV,  QRS-SV - 645 format)

$19.00 In Stock
Pentax 645

$19.00 In Stock
Pentax 6x7 (old Model)

$23.00 In Stock
Hasselblad - 6x6 & 645 format

(QS - 6x6 format only)
 QRS-SV - 6x6 & 645 format)
$19.00 In Stock
CK-501 Plate For Bogen Pistol Grip In Stock $32.00
35mm - With vertical grips / battery boosters
(QRS-35, QRS-35-H, QRS-35-SV,QRS-35-PJ)
For cameras with 2-1/2" to 3" approx.
(center of lens to bottom of camera)

$25.00 In Stock
Nikon Digital D1, D1X, D1H
(QRS-35, QRS-35-H, QRS-35-SV, QRS-35-PJ)

$28.00 In Stock
Nikon Digital D1, D1X, D1H
(Additional Foot)

(QRS-35, QRS-35-H, QRS-35-EV )
$28.00 In Stock
Nikon Digital D2H and D2X
(QRS-35, QRS-35-H, QRS-35-EV )
$28.00 In Stock
Canon Rebel - D30 - D60
(with add on vertical grip)
20D (with add on vertical grip)
1D, 1DS, 1D Mark II

(QRS-35, QRS-35-H, QRS-35-EV )
$28.00 In Stock
C35-FD2 For Fuji S3 Pro In Stock $28.95
Olympus E10 &E20
(QRS-35, QRS-35-H,
QRS-35-SV, QRS-35-PJ)

$28.00 In Stock

Flash Mounting Plates

FCN *Brand New*
For Canon & Nikon Flash Plate
Canon: Off Camera Shoe Cord 2
Nikon: SC-17, SC-28, SC-29 Cord
$28.00 In Stock
Metz - 50 & 70
$26005 In Stock
Quantum - QFlash
Quantum - T4D Flash
(Not for QRS-35, QRS-35-H, QRS)
$24.00 In Stock
All Lumedyne heads
$20.00 In Stock
Shoe Type
Vivitar 283 & 285,
Metz 40 & 54

Sunpak 120J, and others
$23.95 In Stock
Sunpak - Barrel Type
Norman - 1/4"-20 Thread
Nikon - SC-17 Cord
Nikon - SC-29 Cord
(- Not for QRS or QRS-35-H -)
Canon - Off-Camera shoe cord 2
$19.95 In Stock
Flash shoe mount
- required for shoe mounts
-CB Junior only -

In Stock

Anti-twist mount for flash cords
not required for shoe mounted flash
Nikon: (SC-17, SC-28, SC-29)
- CB Junior, CB Digital-T, and CB Digital-S only -
$16.00 In Stock

Bracket Accessories

C-BP *Brand New*
Bottom plate for the CMP that, when equiped with the QR-C Kit,
allows the camera to be quick released off the bracket
and placed directly into the tripod quick release (QR).

Tripod Q/R
Quick release for Tripod
The Tripod quick-release is a must for taking full
advantage of our bracket systems when using a tripod.
Attach to a tripod to accept either the
bracket or camera.

(-- Not for QRS-35-PJ, CB Junior --)

QR-C Kit , 1 QR-C & 1 C-SP Plate In Stock $50.00
QR-C Quick Release In Stock $35.00
C-SP Plate In Stock $22.00
MC -Cold Shoe
Quantum Radio Slave 4i,
TTL Modules, etc.
Use it to attach a Radio slave,
Focusing light and TTL module
to the upright.

$17.00 In Stock
LF - L-Flash Bracket
Moves flash 1", 2", or 3" forward or Back
For waist level cameras, the LF allows the flash to move 1", 2", or 3" forward giving room to look into the view finder.
For 35mm, the LF allows the flash to move 1", 2" or 3" back for better balance in standing when using different lenses


In Stock

AP-1 Accessory Plate
The AP-1 has many uses when attached to the upright. From supporting Radio slaves, TTL modules and Focusing lights.

$25.00 In Stock
HDS - Dark Slide Holder
 Hasselblad, Bronica Square
  $17.00 In Stock
FR - Flash Quick-Release Receiver
Flash quick-release receiver
replacement for bracket


In Stock

Strap -
Replacement Handle with Strap

A Velco adjustable leather strap. The strap adds insurance for holding and carrying your brackets. It replaces the original handle and still allows the handle to be indexed for your comfort.

(- - Not for QRS-35 - -)

$48.00 In Stock

Battery Holders

BH-1 Clip Type
Designed to support clip type batteries
(Quantum, Lumedyne, etc.)
on a tripod or light-stand of 1/2" to 1-1/4"

BH-2 Battery Holder For Metz 60-CT                                                                                                    $28.00

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